This is a growing list of letters, messages, and comments that we’ve received from our customers and clients. Please return to visit again in the near future because this list is a continuing project.

CSE appreciates its customers and the comments prove it. Thanks to everyone who has written to us and left us messages!

“I have been completely satisfied with the services received thus far. …the quality and quickness of response were excellent. Keep up the good work! We are so glad that you are there.” (We are so glad you are there! – inserted by CSE).

-Judith A. Jacobson
VP/General Manager [owner] EG Controls, Inc.
Jacksonville, FL

“Andrew was very nice to work with on our quest for a solution. CSE Labs in general possessed the equipment & expertise that we needed to help us to move forward with our product. With CSE’s help we have been able to improve our design as well as increase our product’s reliability. A pleasure to deal with.”

– Kim Nelson
DC Solutions, Inc.
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

“[As] an embedded firmware engineer with 20 years of experience I had expected that this board would take 4-6 weeks with emulators, scopes and logic analyzers. Andrew had the board up within 3 days…”

“The price/performance of this project has to rank on my list of best experiences…”

“I felt his quality of work was excellent and I would recommend him for any project…”

– Chris Beliveau
Sr. Software Engineer
Bayer Diagnostics

“… We have used CSE Labs for numerous projects and they have always been able to deliver the product when promised or earlier.”

“We involve CSE at the earliest point in new product development. Numerous times we found that our original ideas could be expanded for little cost to implement additional features.”

“CSE has become our number one choice for product development.”

– Randy Little
Sr. Programmer

“…you gave us 110% of what we needed, both in technology and personal assistance .. thank you for working with us.”

– Bob Rankine
Rankine Mfg. Co.
Jacksonville, FL

“I have known Andrew Smith for many years and have found him to be one of the most thorough and detail-oriented design engineers I have ever worked with. His kits are the most well prepared and well done in the industry and I have never had a failure with anything he has given to me. I have also been very impressed with Andrew as a person and find him to be knowledgeable, efficient and greatly concerned about customer service and quality of product. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking for a highly qualified design engineer.”

– Jeff Dreier
J. Dreier Enterprises, Ltd.
Saint Paul, MN

“The equipment has worked flawlessly. It was a great job, came in on time, came in on budget… I can say all those things without hesitation.”

– John Sonsini
Philidelphia, PA

“Quality was first class – CSE did a great job and was flexible when issues arose that affected the schedule. There were times when a super-human effort was required and CSE made that effort.”

“Andrew’s knowledge was extensive, and he was willing to do the research required in areas he was less familiar with. His designs were sound … and worked the first time.”

“In the case of CSE, it worked really well because communication was frequent, detailed, and clear. Documentation was also outstanding.”

“I will not hesitate to call [CSE] if I need to contract services for design, research, layout, or paperwork, including parts availability research and creation of production (contract manufacturing) packages.”

“You will not find a more ethical, professional, or committed company.”

– Steve Conklin
Director of Embedded Products
Madison, AL

“Our projects normally involve pushing the technology for cost and size.”

“I have always held a high regard for [Andrew’s] skills and competency. I don’t generally worry about whether the final design will work, and always have confidence the product will be manufacturable.”

“Working out of state has posed Zero problems for doing our projects. We have completed some very difficult designs and delivered them to production with NO face-to-face interaction until after the product had gone to production.”

– Kelly Kinnard
Chief Engineer
The K Group, LLC
Chandler, AZ

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