Bringing a product to Market

CSE has electronic system, product, and component design gurus, not marketing gurus. However, it is important to do some marketing with any product or service. Even though we are not web site gurus, we wrote this web site. We know that marketing is important. When you work with CSE, you become part of our marketing effort through referrals. Important for your success, we become part of your marketing team by providing product quality at optimal cost-performance. These items that we provide will help you sell your product! From a marketing standpoint, it is very important to us that you experience the quality and value of the product we design for you! We do this with good design practices, excellent product quality, performance and function, and good prices. This is where we place our effort and achieve customer satisfaction.

Here are some additional tips that some of our customers have mentioned work for them, in addition to having a quality, affordable product. They might help you bring your product to market.

  • Write a web page, of course.

  • Submit material for press releases. This is free advertising, and free is good.

  • Go to the trade shows where your product might be needed or useful and show it off.

  • Use direct marketing – with the help of a good mailing list, send out information.

  • Network through people you already know.

  • Be enthusiastic about your product! Talk about your finished (and hopefully patented) product in an up-beat fashion. Be prepared and able to explain it!

  • Research your market with the help of a market research firm or advertising agency.

  • Offer new customers incentives.

  • Find the appropriate trade journals or magazines and place an ad (or better yet, submit the press release information mentioned above).