CSE provides electronic consulting services for the design and development of electronic products, systems, and components.

The terms of our consulting services depend on estimated time and effort, which is based on discussions with the client. Product pricing depends on the cost of parts. Therefore, please call us for pricing. See our FAQ.To meet the needs of different clients CSE offers terms of COD, retainers, deposits and down payments, as well as pay-as-you-go.

The method of payment offered for a project based on existing technology (like a clock radio) might be payment per milestone, where each payment is due after submission and acceptance of a milestone and payment per hour might be an option. Typically, there is a down payment. A project based on a new or non-existing technology (where CSE must develop the technology), (like a portable true-atomic-clock radio) payment per the hour might be offered and per milestone might be an option.

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