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All of the text that you see in these web pages are of my own writing.  The photos I took myself of production or pre-production units of products that I created for clients.  I used an online competition to design the look and feel of my website (so it is challenging to change).  The winner of the competition even trimmed my photos, but my logo was crafted over 20 years ago when I first started my business.  These days (I’m inserting this text in August of 2017), I enjoy electronic work as much as I ever have, but I have far more experience to draw from.  I still enjoy discussing new project concepts with prospective clients and other inventors.  Once I’m informed of your particular needs and ideas, I’m sure to help you one way or another.  Sometimes I refer you to other engineers or I’ll solve your problems for you myself or simply point you in a direction that gets you further along faster.  I love the invention process and have several patents (more than are listed on this site).  I also love helping you get your own patents, or at least signing an NDA’s so you can comfortably talk about your ideas without risk.  Fill out the on-line form and request an appointment to talk about your project at no charge, just ask questions over e-mail, or request a universal NDA for you to comfortably discuss your project with me with legal protection (so I can see how I might best help you).  Feel free to call, but if you do, please leave a message so I can call you back.  (The frequency of Robocalls make it impossible for me to answer calls from unknown numbers).  By the way, you can use the NDA to discuss your project with other engineers and craftsmen, because the one I use is bilateral and universal.  Click around the site to learn more about me, my projects, how I can help, my personal patents, etc.  Whatever you do, enjoy yourself and good luck!  If you do wish to hire me, my rate for the real work of getting things done is $150 per hour (US), but our first inquiry calls and e-mails are at no charge!

I’m here to help you get ahead

Are you short-staffed on the good and dedicated engineering people you need to complete your project? Or, do you need a single, personal source, to help you better understand your own idea to have it delivered to you? Whether you are somewhere in between, are developing a new electronic product from the concept stage,are improving an existing one,or if you simply need to find a personable expert who can fill in necessary technology gaps for your company CSE is the right choice for you.

What you get from me

    • Documentation!
    • Modern design techniques
    • Save time and money
    • Options
    • Superior function
    • Low wholesale pricing
    • Superior quality
    • Personal assurance

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What to do first

Check out the testimonials and find out what our customers have already discovered. These customers range from large and well-known corporations to small business entities and start-ups. You can also see a partial listing of some of the ways we have “secretly” helped other customers under “Product“. We have expertise and experience you need. Explore our company further through the rest of our website. Ultimately, take the first step on the real road to your solution by filling in the form in “More Info Please“.Send us a description of your unique and particular need.You will get a reply in day or two and you will be well on your way to stress-free product, device, or component development!