CSE provides tried and true electronic consulting services for a broad range of electronic circuit types and technologies. The term “technology” itself is very wide ranging, so here is a sampling of what we offer: (Of course, these are also provided in hybrid). Also, see some of our past products and check out our on-site lab resources.

  • Digital electronics, including high-speed processor based systems, specialty peripherals, battery powered electronics, smart and passive devices.
  • Analog electronics, including video, RF, specialty transducer interfacing, linear and non-linear analog semiconductor devices, high-power and micro-power electronics and low-noise systems.
  • Various digital communications protocols and hardware standard architectures, including custom structures as well as PCI, CARDBUS, EISA, VME, SCSI, Ethernet, etc., and various low level structures.
  • Surface mount, pin-through (pin-thru), hybrid, BGA, metric and custom.
  • Custom, standard and semi-custom LCD’s, touch-screens, LED’s, Electroluminescence, and drive electronics.

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