Technical Feasibility Analysis

Occassionally, the very first service that CSE offers is feedback on a new concept idea. Feedback, based on our experience, might include discussing:

  • Technical feasibility
  • Cost
  • Marketing issues and strategies
  • Advice regarding technology trends
  • Project planning
  • Task breakdowns

Oftentime, further discussions and explorations are necessary, mostly on the part of the client but not without some helpful guidance from us.

Specifically, CSE will help you consider these issues for your electronic product, concept, or idea:

  • From where will it get its electrical energy? (Battery, solar, 120V Line, 220V Line, etc.)
  • What kind of power conversion might be necessary? (if 120V Line powered, will there be an external “power brick” or an internal power supply?) Might multiple voltages be necessary?
  • Is there a necessary physical size limitation (usually there is one). What is it?
  • If a microprocessor is needed, what kinds of operations are being performed, and how fast must they be performed. This helps us ultimately determine the approximate cost of the microprocessor that might be necessary.
  • How much memory might be needed?
  • Can any analog sections and requirements be described?
  • What kinds of system inputs are there, and how many?
  • What kinds of system outputs are there, and how many?
  • What kinds of temperatures will it be exposed to? Humidity? Indoor only?
  • Are there pre-set resources that you would like us to work with, such as your preferred manufacturers, testing labs, PCB fab houses, mechanical designers, etc.?
  • Will there be an LCD/LED/CRT display? Will it be custom? Or standard? Or semi-custom?
  • Are there compliance standards to adhere to? (Like PC Card? or UL? or VESA? or CE? or Bell? etc., etc.)

We can help you answer all of these questions.

Check our FAQ’s and Tips, listed to the left, for more information.

Call to discuss your specific electronic concept.

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