Included in these services, and often a principal step in developing a new product is writing the system software, firmware, embedded code, or application software.

Immediate experience includes processors, DSP’s, and microcontrollers from these makers:

  • Intel
  • National Semiconductors
  • NEC
  • Microchip
  • Motorola
  • Texas Instruments
  • Zilog
  • Call about others

CSE readily programs in C, the appropriate assembly language, and VHDL, to name a few common languages.

Oftentime, this software can be tested on stand-alone emulators or simulators without the final hardware in place, but usually a version of final hardware should be planned to be completed before the end application code should be finalized. Therefore, it is usually prudent to produce hardware for software development purposes whose primary goal is to offer a software development and evaluation work evironment. The secondary goal would be to provide hardware as close to a production version as possible. CSE can offer software development of all sorts, from microcontroller work through integrated and network system developments. Even more, our seasoned affiliates can provide for the most challenging software endeavors.

Call to discuss your specific electronic concept.

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