Prototype and volume product orders are welcome. We can handle the procurement of all of the components needed as well as the management of manufacturing and assembly.

We don’t have mature PCB manufacturing facilities or assembly facilities here, but work with a number of manufacturers who have been proven by us to be competent, who compete against each other for the work, and who also specialize in various volumes, turn-around times, and technologies. We can even work with your own in-house or preferred manufacturing facility.

When we manage the manufacturing of bare boards, we offer the following services:

  • When having bare boards built for the first time, we will be available even on weekend call to facilitate the smooth production of boards from quick-turn facilities.
  • We will send files directly for bare board manufacture via e-mail or modem, directly from the output of our files post-processor and Gerber generator, eliminating the need for express delivery or special film handling and shipping.
  • When the bare boards are completed, we will scrutinize the bare boards before assembly to make sure errors don’t accumulate in cost by building on bad boards.
  • We can assure that bare board testing is done when it is required.

When we manage the assembly of bare boards, we offer the following services:

  • Rather than a “generic” or “standard” documentation set, we will provide a documentation set customized for the particular manufacturer – significantly reducing their setup time and cost.
  • We can order all of the necessary components, and pre-count, label, and document them, assuring prompt receipt, verification and handling by the assembly houses. Component handling under our management is guaranteed to be expeditious (the owner of our company used to work in manufacturing and knows how to speak their language).
  • We will even be on weekend and after-hours call to facilitate the smooth assembly and test (if required) of boards from quick-turn houses.
  • We can produce and manage operational testing hardware, and train assembly house personnel how to use it.
  • We will test all boards and products when they are delivered to us by the assembly house, even if they have already be “tested” by them.

Call to discuss your specific electronic concept.

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