Custom Potting Boxes

CSE also generates custom electronic enclosures including for potting electronic circuitry.  Rather than use one of the over-sized, very boring black potting boxes that never hold a circuit board adequately, we produce enclosures that lift or hold the board in place, have ready-placed holes, bends, walls, bosses, and angles in place for any sized project from tiny to 10 inches across.  Our 3D-printer allows for rapid prototype proofing and production runs of smaller enclosures.  The files allow for production at one of our selected manufacturing facilities.  Imagine, holes pre-sized to snugly fit around wires to prevent leaks and strategically located apertures to allow for filling, air flow and pockets, as well as security.  Request by our online form for more information, a cost quotation, or to schedule a discussion about you product’s specifics.

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