Circuit Board Layout

Of the services we offer, board layout is pivotal for new electronic product development. Our expertise encompasses boards of various types and technologies and circuit densities.

  • BGA Capabilities
  • Unlimited Board Layers
  • Analog, Digital and Mixed Signal Layout
  • Down to better than 3 mil track and spacing
  • Design for Manufacturability

We are the most qualified to layout our own circuits, but we can also work with your qualified board layout service provider if you would prefer. To us, it makes the most sense for us to layout the board, because the layout management, instructions, format and style checking time and formality is reduced considerably when our own engineers perform the layout services in-house.

See our partial list of products for a few of the boards we have done – most from concept through final delivery. These include high power double sided boards, to ultra thin, 6-layer PCMCIA cards and more.

For board layout only services, we charge according to the circuit density and number of pins, minus deductions for compatible shapes (pre-defined library shapes for layout). When the layout is an integrated part of a larger CSE project, then we will match the terms of the service, either charging by the hour or for a pre-set per-milestone amount.

Call to discuss your specific electronic concept.

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